10 Times Real Mermaids Were Found

Real or fake? That has been the question surrounding these creatures. Many people believe that mermaids are nothing more than fairytale and mythical creatures, while some people do believe that they truly exist on this planet. Over the years many people have tried to find proof and some partly succeeded, but there are the ones that do believe they saw the real thing and nothing else. So here are the 10 Times Real Mermaids Were Found.

Mermaids I think, may have been creatures who lived a long time ago and went extinct. Like dinosaurs, and maybe mermaids are coming back. But I don’t know though as only 5% of our oceans have been explored. There is still sooooooooooo much out there that we don’t know yet.

The fact that almost all of them have the same exact description of mermaids makes the specie even more real
This is why every creature runs away from us humans we treat them as if they were objects

In South Africa my father used to work for spoornet fishing co while back they had the big fishing boats with huge nets which took out from the sea everything it captured. Weather changed heavily as they drew out the net until they saw this lady with white hair folding herself,the Captain had ordered the net to be dropped back with everything on it after doing that suddenly weather changed back to normal. X3 worlds. Heavens Sea Land.

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